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Hello all. Great site you have here. Hopefully I can get some solutions to a problem that has plagued me for some time.

I am a 22 year old male. I am uncircumsized and when fully erect I can not peel my foreskin back over my head. It is too tight. I have tried before and it is extremely painful. I have no smega buildup, and can easily retract the foreskin when flacid, it's only when I'm erect that I can't retract the foreskin.

I have had one sexual encounter, at the age of 20, and it was extremely painful because her vagina was so tight it peeled my foreskin back, even with a condom on. It felt good enough that I continued to have sex with her, but I could not orgasm. So technically, I am still a virgin. I fear the thought of another sexual encounter, and have been relegated to masturbation for the last 2 years.

My questions:
1. Is there anything I can do to have my foreskin "loosened" so that I can retract it when erect? A medical procedure perhaps?

2. Being that it is rarely touched, my head is extremely sensitive. It is so sensitive it is painful to the touch. I can only clean it with wet tissue, a washcloth is too rough. How can I de-sensitize my head/glans?

3. Is it possible that my overly-tight foreskin prevented my penis from growing to it's full size? I am around 7 inches when fully erect, but the foreskin still fully covers my head. A friend of mine who is also uncircumsized told me that when he is erect, his foreskin barely covers half of his head.[/B]

A million thankyou's in advance. Any and all info is welcome. I need to get this taken care of if I don't want to remain sexless...and believe me I don't.

Desperately seeking a solution,
i also expeerience the same problem. i cannot pull my foreskin back fully when erect but with me ANY contact with an exposed head is ultra painful.

every time i use a condom it hurts because it slides my foreskin back and causes the head to be exposed and come into contact with the condom.

is this normal?

oh for some reason it also hurts when my g/f wants to be on top. she cannot understand and say all the men sh ahs been with like it.
Just to go against the grain, I can't help feeling that all this talk of circumcision and stretching is an over-reaction. I really think you should see a doc before taking any drastic measures.
I say this with the greatest respect, could be possible that you just haven't developed the right technique. Please don't be offended by that, I'm not taking the p1ss. Lots of us guys can't get our foreskin over the head, and sure, it requires a bit of jiggery-pokery, but that's sex for you!!! :) For example, when my chick goes on top I've gotta get inside her first then roll her over. With a Johnny, make sure your foreskin is pulled forward before putting the condom on so it has room to go back.
Trying to be helpful...not offensive. ;)

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