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Torn Frenulum
Oct 7, 2005
About 6 months ago, after having sex, my gf orgasmed and she and i both were too exhausted to keep going, so she finished me off with her hand. well afterwards, i noticed that i was slightly torn on the frenulum about 3/4 of the way towards the head. since then, scar tissue has started to form but it looks like small little skin tags or something, someone told me it was probably bacteria that got in and is causing it to not heal and it doint some crazy stuff wtih the scar tissue. i guess the best example of what it looks like is a bunch of rasberries, but extremely small, on top of a scar. anyways, i have a friend who works for a dermo and she gave me some cream, forgot what it's called, and over the past 4 days, i have been putting it on after i shower and covering it with a band-aid. very uncomfortable cause i am not circumsiced. but it seems to be reducing the patchy scar a little bit, but it is still there. have had this problem for several months now and i am very self conscious about it. so my question would be, is that patchy skin caused from bacteria? and if i keep using this cream(has steroids in it i htink) will it go away soon?

Thanks Anyone who can help

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