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If you are able to retract your foreskin while you have a full erection, with no pain or discomfort. You should pull the forskin back, then place condom on.

This will give you a better feel. Although if you ejaculate quickly, placing the condom over your unretracted foreskin would lower sensitivity, but could help you last longer..
Thanks for the reply helped a lot, but i have one more (last) Q, if i have sex wearing a condom with me foreskin unretracted, will it retract on its own accord during sex?

Usually no, it won't retract. Because the condom becomes slick, and its usually tight on your penis. So i would say no, and from my experience it does not retract if not done so before hand.

Have fun, and always wear a condom.

Go buy you a package and check for yourself, and don't be embarassed for buying them. It means your "gettin some". ;)

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