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Well firstly by refusing to give him oral sex you may get your point across, but it does sound like he is burying his head in the sand.

Do you know if he has ever been able to retract it? Or has it become tight recently?

If it is painful to retract his foreskin then you are probably right he may have phimosis. There are, as you may have seen mentioned here, some good pointers to help to stretch the foreskin and how to look after the foreskin. If you cannot find these come back and ask.

The way that he uses his foreskin to catch the ejaculate is probably just a habit he has got into, since he cant really spurt it out. He may also do the same while urinating, letting an amount into his foreskin untill it balloons then releasing it. If he does this this should actually clean the inside very effectively, although urine does have a smell of its own.

He does need to firstly recognise he has a problem, though he may have already admitted to himself that he is not normal but feels embarrassed talking to you about it! Then he needs to read the sticky at the top of mens health, and any other relevent article on how to retract and stretch his foreskin. This can take a few months or maybe more, maybe less but he should persevere untill it is fully functioning. If he finds that he has scarring around a part of his foreskin then he may have to get some Betamethasone cream or similar to help the scarring become pliable.

Obviously the final point here is that if all this fails to improve it he may need a dorsal slit, or even a partial circumcision depending on where the tightness is. This obviously calls for a visit to the doctors!

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