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I have the exact same problem. I've had it for years. As a gay male, it limits my sexual experience because I want to be safe.

Just like you, I can be really into it, then after the condom goes on-even with stimulation-I just slowly go limp. I have asked about this in other places and the responses were all pretty much the same-try stimulation, maybe it's mental retaliation, make it more fun, use more lube, etc. Fact is, none of this has worked for me and have not found anything that has, but would love to find something that does.

So, do I lose the erection because I lose the passion while putting the condom on? No. Believe me, I want in. I've often wondered if it was due to an allergy to latex, though there is no itching or rash after putting it on.

Good luck in finding an answer.


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