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I think your doctor's opinion is valid. You are past the level of phimosis where hygiene is a problem, since you can retract to clean when it is not erect. Many mens' foreskins cover the glans when erect. If it were my penis, I would continue the stretching, until I could retract when erect. The way it is now, you are not in any danger, in having sex. The only problem is that you might not be getting the full effect. Circumcision is not the answer. Why remove two or three of the best areas of erotic sensation (the frenulum, the inner foreskin, and the frenar band), when you can stretch and have all of them. If your foreskin won't stretch, after following all the instructions in the sticky at the top of the men's health forum, you may have a little too much scar tissue in the foreskin. You may need to buy a glansie. They cost about $100, but that is still far less than a circumcision, and you get to keep your whole penis. They are guaranteed.
Good luck with it.

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