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Ok here is my problem and hopefully someone has contended with soemthing similar, I have as far as i remeber never been able to 'shoot' produce visible semen, i have an orgasm in the physical sense the inside feelings etc basically i know and my doc has told me i am having an orgasm i just dont ejaculate. rarely i will after masturbating or sex i will be in the hsower and will see white traces.

outside of those traces though there is no visible ejaculation.

I am now on Alprostadil for th elast 2 years for ED, after trying Cialis and Viagra. (i was able to get natural erections years ago but still not ejaculate)

I am now getting kindof worried as i am married and me and my wife would like to have children at some point and want to know if this will happen naturally or at least medically if needed.

I am 23 years ol
So when you ejaculate, nothing has EVER come out? What about oral sex from your girlfiend? That usualy produces some results. But I am curious as I have heard of this before.
A couple things...

1) If you and your girlfriend are getting married, WHY are you getting a Green Card, etc. Call me naive, but don't you become a citizen when you marry? Unless your gf is not a citizen either...

2) So I have this straight... you had ED problems (I'm assuming off and on) but were able to ejaculate "normally" before? And now your problem is not ED but rather a lack of any visible ejaculate? Is this correct?

If it is correct, have you been tested for high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. which may explain ED as well as a possible retrograde ejaculation. When you do have insurance again, I would DEFINITELY seek the help of an American Fertility/Endocrinology Specialist. This, as you know, is NOT normal for a 23 year old male, and I think it's better that you find out answers now rather than wait until you are ready to have children. More damage may be occurring by whatever it is that is causing this, and these just symptoms of what is happening to your body at another level. If I were you, I would want answers now.

Best of Luck,

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