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CancerDad, Hi

answers to oyur questions. OK 1) i am already married, and i am sure this is a big part of the effect of 9/11 but, being married to a American native (my wife North carolina born and bred) does not automatically give you a green card or any other privilege. if anythign it now is a hassle being married haha. I have to go through a very time consuming and Very expensive procedure to get a green card and be allowed to work. Right now i am waiting patiently as my lawyer tries to get this moving as fast as possible. and even when all is said and done, i will only have a green card I.E residency and i should be allowed to work with a work permit, I will not be a 100% legal citizen and i may never be eligible for citizenship. (though i dont really think i will ever want to be a US citizen, not that i dont love this country but i Love Scotland my home country and i love being a Scottish/uk citizen)

Question 2) My erection, I have had PERMENT E.D for the last say 6 years, (basically i cant remeber how far back it started i know it was sudden i think and i judge how far back on how long i have been with my wife etc) I have never Ejaculated in my life, the closest i have come has been white residue Minimal amount just under the foreskin which i notice when in the shower, But even that i havent seen evidence of in a few weeks or so.

hope that answers those 2 questions a lil better for ya and sorry i took so long replying been away from the house

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