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Re: Using A Condom
May 26, 2006
Does your foreskin pull back all the way? have you tried different kinds of condoms? Some or tighter than others. I think they can make you sore, circumsized or not. If you're in a hurry when puting it on, you can make it sore your self. I would say, try different condoms, and slow down/be careful when putting it on.. Good luck! :bouncing:
Re: Using A Condom
May 27, 2006
[QUOTE=jay61]ok....I am UNcircumcised ...and when I use a condom, it hurts the foreskin lol...does anyone else find it sore, I dont know of its suppose 2 hurt during and after sex coz my mate said he doesnt find it sore....and after it the foreskin is all sore/itchy and red......does anyone else experience this?

what can I do to stop it hurt? except get circumcised or use other protection lol?[/QUOTE]
You have not discussed the obvious --- Do you retract the foreskin BEFORE you put the condom on???? If not, this might be part of the cause for your problem.

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