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The foreskin is supposed to retract all the way back, until it is no longer folded over its self where the fold forms the skin inside if you see what I mean! The easiest way for you to find this out to be honest is a quick google images search - there are some very good sites with pictures of the uncircumcised penis and how the foreskin works. A classic example of a picture being worth a 1000 words!

It sounds like you may need to stretch the foreskin so it moves easily over your glans - there are instructions in a sticky at the top of the mens health boards here.

You have done well to get your foreskin back quite a way in a short time, but the best thing to do is take it steady over a while. Make sure that you pull back the foreskin every time you urinate, shower or bath, but only as far as it will comfortably go and then a tiny bit more. The foreskin will then get used to this treatment and catch up pretty quick. It is a shame that you were not told to do this as a boy, but now you know you can pass this message on!

Sex with your foreskin forward will work, I presume you can masturbate and ejaculate so having sex this way is the same. When you can retract your foreskin you will find the head is pretty sensitive, having been protected all its life! This will cause you great pleasure, but also be very sensitive and you will have to get used to this, it will subside somewhat after a while.

If you inserted your penis you have had sex whetheer your foreskin was retracted or not!

Ideally of course you would wear a condom, and to put this one you would want the foreskin retracted, then roll the condom on then you will see how the foreskin can cover the head with the condom on - if the head is not exposed before the condom is put on you will end up poking the end of your penis into the condom teat.

In terms of recovering your penis head, as your foreskin is not used to the movement I am not really surprised it did not want to go back, once you get it nice and loose it will naturally glide up and down the shaft. Once it covers the head you can choose whether to tug it all the way or leave it a little bit retracted. It depends on what you are used to and what you prefer.

I hope this helps you

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