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I was in a situation where I was ejaculating but had to hold it in... realllly long story, imbarrasing, and irrelevant, well anyways, I held it in by squeezing my penis, it slight hurt but it kinda made me panic, anyways, since then I've seemed to have ejaculation problems, and its getting worse now that im getting older, anyways whatever it was that it damaged I think has broke, cause last time I ejaculated it felt weird and I think something happened, since then urinating has felt funny and I haven't been feeling good. Its like a small percent of that feeling when you break a bone and freak out. I really need help figuring out what I should do, cause I dont have insurance. Im just trying to find out what happened down there, I was looking at the anatomy and the only thing that I can think of is I ripped my prostate or tore my cowper's gland, anyone have any opinions? and what kind of effect can this problem have?

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