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is an ejaculation considered orgasms or only the big ejaculation that leaves you kind of dead.. is that the rea orgasm?

Because sometimes i can have 2 or 3 ejaculations after the other, and i don't feel like i'm dead. until the 3th. this usually of course happens in a short time(10 mins ). It's not like i keep thrusting for hours and can have sex endless.

But i mean if i have multiple ejaculations, are they just not the real orgasm?

Because i hear men can't have multiple orgasms, so it leads me to believe that those 2 or ejaculations before the 3rd, are not orgasms
An ejaculation is just that - the discharge of fluid at orgasm.
Ok so i had 3.. all in less than 3 minutes.. with space in between. that is, IF EJACULATION is the same as orgasm.

But only the last one is where i felt dead .

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