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Okay, I am uncircumsized and the past 2 times I had sex and had a condom on, part of the tip of my foreskin became irritated and a bit swollen. I haven't had sex I say in about a year since the last time I started having sex frequently which was a month or two ago.

Then the other day I tried just putting a condom on and masterbating. I noticed my foreskin still slides up and down a bit and I don't recall it doing that before (a year or so when I was having sex more frequent. If I remember right, the foreskin stayed behind the head of the penis and didn't move much in the condom)

I thought if you are not circumsized, to pull the foreskin back the forehead before putting on the condom so that it doesn't move (like how my foreskin is doing now, with the sliding up and down in the condom). Is it possible that the tightness of friction of the condom and the moving of the foreskin, is irritating part of the tip of the foreskin???

any help would be great!
the standard instructions are to skin all the way back, put the condom on, leaving a little room at the tip for semen and movement, and then put the foreskin back over the head. this way, the foreskin can still move back and forth as it does naturally.
try, and see if it makes a difference for you.
my foreskin still does move back and forth even after I pull the foreskin back before putting on the condom.

With regards to what you said trying....the part of pulling the foreskin back up after I pulled it down and put the condom do you that when you have the condom on???
Okay, this is the way I do it/use too when I was single.Lol..
I would pull my foreskin back, rolling the condum over the naked head of my penis. Now, as far as I can tell/remember, the foreskin would usually stay in that position, until after ejaculation when my penis started to get soft again.
Maybe you should try a tighter fitting condom! If it's not an issue if your foreskin is over the head of your penis, or back behind it, then don't worry about it! Theres no certain place/position it has to be in.
One other question. Seem to me that, masturbating with a condom on might be a little irritating. Does masturbating with a condom on increase the sinsation? Just curious. I've tried many method but never this one.:wave:

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