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I know theres a lot of posts on here about torn frenulum, but I havent seen any mention of this issue so..

About a month and a half ago my frenulum tore completely while having sex with my girlfriend. I allowed it a month to heal before attempting any sexual activity and everything seemed to be fine. But now whenever I ejaculate, my semen is very thick and white.. and then about 10-20 minutes after im flacid, a thin clear fluid comes out accompanied by a slight painful sensation. it seems like my ejaculate isnt mixing properly or something.. is it possible that a tube got severed or something? it seems like maybe the thin fluid is having a hard time getting out.

both me and my girlfriend have been tested for std's and have been monogomous for over six months so I dont think its an std... and the fluid only comes out after ejaculating. any ideas?

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