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(I am uncircumcised and 19 years old)

My girlfriend and i had sex twice today, and after the second time, i went to the bathroom to clean up and i noticed these strange tiny red bumps/spots on my penis head and the head was abnormally red. I thought it was nothing so i just went about my day.

Now i just went to take a shower and my penis head feels normal, just very slightly irritated (doesnt hurt, doesnt sting, doesnt really bother me. It just feels different), and i pulled back on the skin. Now the head of my penis under the skin is really red, and it appears as if the skin is drying out. I also considered that it was some sort of goo, but i am pretty sure it is coming off as dry skin, but i could be wrong, might be a goo substance. I went in the shower, pulled back, and moistened it up again, but 5 minutes later it really looks like the flesh part of the head under the skin is getting really dry. Does anyone know what the problem is and how i can fix it?

[B](Another question, irrelevant to the first one)[/B]
Also, this has nothing to do with this, i've had this for awhile and i know of it. But i am uncircumcised like i said, and if i pull my skin back far enough, i noticed the part where the head curves in and turns into the shaft looks really bumpy. I have had this for years, and it doesnt bother me, doesnt feel any different. But instead of being a smooth transition between the head and shaft, it is a bit rough on the part where it curves. Not bumpy exactly, just rigid instead of smooth. Is this normal for uncircumcised guys like me?
Can i please get some help with this? Im going to pick up either Monistat/Vagisil today before i go to work.

I have been using anti-bacterial soap lately, from the looks of it, it seems to be dying down slowly. But i am not sure, i dont see nearly as much of white nasty stuff, but what is worrying me is my foreskin in general. When i pull it back, the penis head is really red, and its alot harder to pull the skin back than it used to be. Another thing that im worrying abuot is that when its unerect, and the skin completely covers my penis (remember, im uncircumcised), the very tip of the skin is a little red too.

From the looks of it, i think it might be slowly going away. But i really want some quick suggestions, and explanations on here, because i dont want this to turn into anything serious if its not handled properly. So its definitely the male equivilant to a yeast infection, and the yeast infection vaginal creams that women use should do the trick for me too?

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