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Hi all...

I have been dating a girl for the past 5 months, and have been faithful. We've had a LOT of sex, and aside from the occasional soreness, I haven't had any problems. However, she's been gone for about 2 weeks now , and all of a sudden I noticed a bunch of red spots at the top of my pubic region. they don't itch, they're not painful, they're just there... looks like it could just be the follicles, but I heard those look like whiteheads. These are red, look like spots, don't feel raised, don't itch, and don't scab or anything. They look more irritated after I work out and take a shower, but that's it.

anyway, I had something similar before, but those were raised bumps, these don't feel like they're raised and the doctor told me they were molluscum, and froze them off. I wasn't completely convinced because mine didn't look anything like the raised (rather large) bumps with indents in the middle like I've seen in pictures.

Then today, I noticed a pimple like thing on the rim of my penis head -:confused: by itself, not surrounded by any red or anything like that. doesn't feel irritated or anything, just a hard tiny white bump. I squeezed it and a tiny ball came out. and that was that. no blood nothing... just to be safe, I washed the area with anti-bacterial soap and am not touching it until I see my doctor.

I was wondering if anyone else had the same problem or had some insights on this.

Some background on me: I've had unprotected sex with numerous women, but they had all been checked out before. I've never had herpes or come had sex with a girl with genital herpes. Never had any STD's as far as I know.

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