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Does anyone have tips on anything to do other than to see a doctor on how to increase the feeling in my penis during an erection. I feel very little at times and I do not know what it is. I do not masturbate so I do know that has nothing to do with it, unless it was damage done earlier on in my life. I have never been able to climax when having oral sex, I can orgasm when having sex or when I am manually stimulated. But only after a long time and a lot of movement and rubbing. I know that I should feel more and I ask that anyone that has had this problem and has any advice whatsoever could please write me back soon. I will go to a doctor if need be, but I thought I would check here first. Everything looks fine, and I have no trouble getting an erection, but I do feel loss of feeling in my penis. Could this be nerve damage? I also read that spinal problems could have an effect on this too, which I have had my fair share of spills and broken bones that could very well effect my spine. I just want to know whats up and if anyone knows how I could get more feeling in there for oral sex and things. I want to be somewhat sensative down there to what is going on rather than flying blind. please write back...I am 18, and I am worried.

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