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Hello, I am new to this website and hopefully can get some help. I am uncircumsised and a couple of days ago the inside of my foreskin started itching. When I examined it I pulled my foreskin back and the skin on the right side of the head of my penis, right along the ridge of the penis, was red and so was the skin along my foreskin when I pulled it back. It was itchy and red. I took a shower and washed and dryed my penis. The next day it was fine I Looked at my penis and it was gone, no itch. no redness. Now today....after work I had some itch again and when i looked, I had the same redness and itch again....this time it is on the left side on my penis head,again along the ridge of the penis head, and only part of the skin on my foreskin when I pulled it back. There are no bumps,dryness or flaking.. or anything like that..just itch and redness. It does not burn when i urinate or ejaculate...its just noticable if i masterbate. I again took a shower tonight and it feels better but I am confused as to what it might be. I have only had oral sex with different partners in the last year or two. If anyone can help, i would really appriciate it...Thank you!!!

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