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Hey, I am new to this board, but everyone here seems to have a good pooled amount of knowledge relating to sexual health. I am trying to find if there is a specific disorder to describe my symptoms.

The closest I have come is Frenulum Breve, but I do not believe this is it. The best way I can describe my problem is it looks as if my head never finished developing. The head is formed for the most part, but on the bottom where the tip is suppose to complete there is skin attached that is roughly a cm or so. It is wider than a frenulum breve and it does not effect my erection.

There is however multiple holes on the frenlum, one pin-sized, and the others are the size of a very small pebble. They can not be seen very well unless the skin is streched. I normally do not experience pain, but I remembered when I was an early teen every now and then (6 months?) would experience a stinging that lasted a good hour after urinating.

I have been to the hospital and doctor a few times dealing with such organs, all of them seem to have been fairly ignorant of my condition. (Obviously making it seem to me that I have a healthy body.) They claimed everything looks good, but it obviously was not.

Anyway, I was wonder if there is any creme or something to make these holes heal. I was also curious if these holes may have caused me to contract some sort of penile infection from bacteria while swimming in swamps or lakes when I was younger. I am worried that these holes in in the frenulum lead directly to the internal tissues and veins which may mean I could have caused damage to them when I was a kid. (I am not sure if this helps, but to me it looks as if an improper circumcision was made when I was born? Leaving tissue still attached to the tip...)

I am thinking of seeing a urologist, but I have not done so before; so any way of fixing or treating this problem myself would be more convenient. (Creams, stitching?)

Thanks much!

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