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[QUOTE=treelover;3290161]Just curious about how many other men seem to get grossed out by their own semen. My lover, who is 52, gets up immediately after he has an orgasm to wash up. Also, he doesn’t want any to get on the sheets if at all possible.
He has no problem with oral sex – giving or getting -- but he can’t understand how I can swallow his semen. I then suggested I stop giving head altogether but I guess it doesn’t bother him enough for me to stop![/QUOTE]

Treelover ;) ,

A couple of things may be gong on here. It almost sounds as if he equates the product of sex, (i.e., bodily fluids), as being dirty when in fact, they are not only clean but quite natural. It amazes me that some men who may generally spend all day either greasy or muddy can't stand their own semen on their bodies.

Second, it sounds as if he, like many men, simply don't like the taste due to the alkalinity (knowledge gained from when he may have "accidentally" tasted it during masturbation). You might suggest he attempt to sweeten up his semen by drinking pineapple juice or some of the other natural "sweeteners." Typically, meat eaters and beer drinkers as well as smokers will have very nasty tasting semen. If it is just the taste, knowing that he tastes better to you should eliminate that turn off.
If you tell him that your tasting him is only slightly different than him tasting you, it may also help.

Also, although a man may maintain his arousal level for hours, many men, once they have shot off, instantly loose that "romantic feeling" and want nothing more to do with anything associated with sex. Some men actually feel guilty (for whatever reason) after they ejaculate. That too may stem from the "feeling dirty" feeling after having sex. He may have to take a cold, hard look at his past, possibly childhood, to see if there was some type of abuse. Sometimes just the acknowledgment of such abuse with someone you love will begin the healing so that he no longer feels guilty or dirty.

Some men see their semen as nothing more than another excrement and just like they shake or milk out urine, they will also try to clean up all traces.

Finally, he may just be "tidy." :)

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