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[QUOTE=xTobi;3321800]How do you stretch it/pull it down if the penis itself is attached to the foreskin?[/QUOTE]

As the captain said this would normally happen while you were a young boy, but you can still see if some gentle intervention on your part will be enough. I was taught this as a young boy and I suggest you try this. Also, pass this on to any uncircumcised boy you know!

Every time you go to the toilet, or shower or bathe, gently retract your foreskin [B]as far as it will go without hurting![/B]

It is very easy, doesn't hurt and you should make progress over a few weeks maybe months. Don't go mad, just try to get it back a little more each day or so. This should help, but if you find that your foreskin is so tightly adhered and this makes no difference then you need to see your doctor. A circumcision may still not be required, as there are ways that the adhesion can be broken down but your doctor will advise.

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