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I was dry humping with my Girlfriend one night and I went a little overboard. I was really turned on and didn't feel pain at the moment, but when we finished, I felt a sharp pain and noticed that my penis was cut a bit and very red.

The cut was about 4mm and looked almost like an ulcer. The red area (approx 1") became like a rug burn I guess and scabbed over. Also, I am not sure, but I think my penis head is sore because there is some pealing there as well. Now, the cut has healed to the point where there is a scar and the rug burned area is pink. There is still some light pealing on the head, but where it meets with the shaft/neck. If I touch this area it is uncomfortable.

Here's the problem now... I have almost no sensation on my penis (other than slight discomfort) still and cannot get a full erection. It is terrible. I mean I can't get into it. I tried masturbating thinking it is a mental block and once I *** that's it, but the only way I can *** is if I use tons and tons of lube or soap, but I still do not get to a full erection...

Will this get better? What should I do? Now, I use aloe lotion on it and hand moisturizer. I apply it every night, but it is not getting any better or at least I am not noticing any difference. I am very desperate and want to have sex again... How long does this take to recover fully? What type of underwear should I wear? Should I not touch my penis for a certain amount of time? Should I start or stop eating/drinking something? Please help me. I want this to be over already... It's been about 3 weeks and it is like I have ED because of it... I can get erect, but it is not a full erection and it is not that hard. Also, if I get it up, it doesn't stay hard long enough to get a condom on. Or sometimes it gets hard and then goes away real fast. I feel so bad when I tell my GF I can't do it because I can't get it up.

It's so tough... going from about 10 times a week (combined sex/masturbation) to once every three days (only masturbation) and I can't get into it at all...

Some of my info:

My diet is extremely healthy and I do not smoke. I drink on occasion, like 1 glass of wine or a beer a week after a meal. I exercise regularly and am in the condition of maybe an NBA point guard. I am 27 years old and turning 28 this March.

I appreciate any advice. Thanks

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