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[QUOTE]1, When not erect, my penis is very small (it is shortened so much so that there are several visible "folds" on the skin -- only when non-erect),[/QUOTE] sounds quite normal. A flaccid penis must have enough skin to allow for an erection. The measurement when flaccid is really irrelevent. Some men gain a lot of size when becoming erect. Others, not so much. I wouldn;t worry about it from what you have provided.

[QUOTE]2, When I am in the toilet (when there is a bowel movement), my penis drips throughout the process.[/QUOTE]Well, quit wiping it until you are done. It simply sounds like a release of semen. Not unusual due to the proximity of the prostate and the rectum. Applying pressure to urge evacuation will cause the prostate to be pressed as well and the seminal vesicles are a holding tank for your semen. When they get pressed, it can sqeeze this semen into your prostate and into your urethra.

[QUOTE]3, I kept this one for last. But this, to me is probably the biggest of all problems. Regardless of any of the above, at all times........I have an average ejaculation time of 15 seconds.[/QUOTE]Does sound a bit quick. I am curious, is masturbation frowned upon in your society? If so, you may have simply developed a means to relieve yourself very quickly to avoid possible detection.

Other than that, you may simply be getting yourself overly excited. The mind plays a very large part in ejaculation. You may also want to try a desensitizing creme on your penis. It will lessen the physical stimulation and is used to delay ejaculation for those that are too easily overstimulated physically.

All in all, it does not sound like you have any great problems.

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