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Have you been treated for the yeast infections? If not, then you and your grilfriend are probably passing it back and forth and it will never clear up until you both get treated for it. You should both use the medication for it at the same time and wait until you both are cleared up before resuming sex. That is the only way I know to prevent the yeast infections.

I'm obviously not a man, but I thought part of cleaning an uncircumsized penis was pulling back the forskin and rinsing the area with warm water (much like us ladies do with our vulvas)? If the running water is to much for your glans, what about taking a bath and just pull the forskin back and rinse it off that way? I'm sure the fellas here have better knowledge of taking care of an uncircumsized penis.

From a womans perspective though, having a yeast infection sucks, it hurts and itches and burns like crazy, I can't imagine it being all that great for a man either. Hopefully someone can give you some good suggestions on hygene and they are successful for you.

Good Luck.

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