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The one question no one asked is are you pulling your foreskin back before rolling the condom down over your penis? Its ok squeezing the air out of the end but if you leave your foreskin covering your glans, then put the condom on the first thing you are going to do on entry is stretch the condom as you thrust.

And for heavens sake, in the UK you can buy condoms in any garage, supermarket or convenience store - dont be shy the checkout people see them all the time.

Try Avanti from Durex, good for larger penises and no worries about any type of lube because they are plastic based. If not, try any extra strong / extra protection - these are made for "rougher" sex and should be fine whatever!
Yeah I roll the foreskin back. I put the condoms on exactly as they are meant to.
I've ordered some Trojans now so I'll see how it goes when they arrive, when I next have sex, whenever that is (possibly not for a while as I've just been ****ed over by the girl I was seeing recently!)

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