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Re: Torn Frenulum
Feb 8, 2008
It might help, if it really is that torn, to have a stitch or two.
Otherwise, the healing process is a slow one. In my experience, I had to give up sex and masturbation, until the frenulum was fully healed. That took me three months to learn. Until I stopped, it just kept tearing. Once it healed, it healed completely, and was never a problem again.
In some people, when it tears that badly, it heals, but does not heal together again. The worst problem this can pose, if it poses one at all, is that the foreskin has to be pulled forward by hand. It no longer slides automatically over the glans when your ***** goes flaccid, or after retraction.
See a urologist, and see if stitches would help.
If the urologist suggests circumcision, laugh, and walk out. I had one who was trying to make some extra bucks, and said he could fix the problem by removing the whole area.

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