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ok so on march 19 i had unprotected sex with this girl i met who was on her period (i know i was drunk and she didnt tell me), she is a senior in high school. anyways one day i was masturbating with lotion that [you] use for acne after [you] clean your face (i know dumb) then like i freaked out cause i saw a little red blotch below my penis head. anyways the top of my penis head got red, and like the sides of my penis head arnt red. and around my pee hole it is kind of red. i took an std test and tested for everything after 20 days of intercourse. i came out neg for everything. after this the symptoms i was having went away (like a little sharp pain in the tip that would make me itch it, and like a little burning) i think it was [because] i was releved. i talked to the girl yesterday and she said she got tested for everything when she got back on birth control 2 weeks ago, and she assured me she didnt have anything. (but [what] if shes lying) and i told her i was like i really [want to] tell my mom, but if you gave me something i dont want to [because] im scared. and she reassured me that i was fine. OH and like i have like stretch cracks too. i dont know if thats normal? im wondering what could cause my penis head to get red only on the top, it sometimes itches, sometime burns, but like i think its a mental thing, also when i pee afterwards it kind of itches and hurts my urethra. i dont know if this is a mental thing or what, since im freaking out. the doc told me i just have a different looking penis head. but who knows i did the yeast infection saliva test where [you] spit into a cup of water, and my spit didnt float, it like had streamers (which means [you] could have a yeast infection) so i dont know!!!! what do [you] guys thing, sometimes my penis itches and kinda burns and tingles (but only when i think [about] it) so i dont know if my mind is playing tricks on me! please help me!!

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