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Hey everyone, after thinking about this for awhile I think I want to ask for advice. I'm a 21 year old male, and during my late teens I did something stupid. When I got an erection, I used to lay face down with my penis bent backward because it seemed more pleasurable. After noticing my erections weren't as strong as they used to be, I stopped doing this.

Now, some 5 years later I'm left wondering if I injured my penis doing this. I haven't had sex yet and I've kind of avoided sexual activity because of fear something may be wrong. It's really a hit to my confidence.

Let me just give you a description of how my erections are now. Those random erections I used to get out of the blue, the ones that just happen, in my early teens I don't get any more. But If I think of something sexual, I can get an erection, I just have to work at it to maintain it. Say for instance I am viewing sexual material I get an erection, but if I were to stop for about a minute I wouldn't maintain an erection. I constantly have to keep in contact with it or else I will lose it. I have to help it when I'm standing up. If I don't hold it after a few seconds, it'll face the ground. When having an erection, I notice I can move the penis around a little, say if I were to push up and down on it from the backside of it it would wobble, not really stay in place. If I get an erection in my pants, the penis usually becomes erect pointing down and I have to re adjust it so its facing up, and even then work at it so it gets to be the maximum it can be. When ejaculating, its still pleasurable but it doesn't really go far with force.

It just seems hit or miss. Sometimes erections come easy, sometimes I have to work at it to get one.

I have noticed that if I drink an alcholic beverage called Sparks, which has ginseng and guarana in it, it makes me feel really good sexually and gives me an erection when thinking about sex very fast. I'm not sure what this means, but I've heard ginseng helps a man's libido. I bought some OTC pills called Hi-Ener-G 200MG Triple Ginseng Formula but I'm reluctant and haven't tried them for fear I may become dependent on them to be able to have erections.

Another thing is condoms. I've never put one on before, how much weight do they put on the penis and do they still work if you don't maintain an erection with one on?

My question is, did I damage something? Is there anything I can do to help make erections stronger and maintain them better? If so, how am I going to tell my parents I need to have this looked at? It would be a difficult topic to discuss. Thank you all for trying to help me out.

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