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First, I only dropped in here because it was the first thing that came up on a search for "sexual health". I am looking for a expert response but I'll settle for being pointed to a better source of info if there aren't any health professionals here.

I have two separate concerns, both concerning masturbation. Before I begin, a little background: I'm 23, I hit puberty ~10 years old (probably started getting erections when I was around 8), figured out on my own how to masturbate when I was 11.

My first problem:
Since around the age of 13 I've been experiencing a weird pain after masturbation on occasion (I'd estimate 1/25 times that it happens, at least if I maintain the lengths I go to avoid it). It requires a little bit of explaining.

It seems to occur if there is any urine to be peed out in my bladder. I'm not sure if interrupting masturbation to pee increases the likelyhood of it happening or decreases it, but I am inclined to do it if I sense any urine there (and I may have to do this more than once). You'll understand why in a moment.

After masturbation, it's all normal as usual for the first minute or two. Then I start to get this increasingly building feeling of pressure, which I can't pinpoint the location of but is at least in my penis.

You know that when you get an itch, your mind swears that it will feel better if only you scratch it, and then it does, for the first few seconds, but then comes back worse? This discomfort keeps building up to the point where my mind swears I'll feel better if I just pee. Sooner or later, I give in.

Now the fun starts. I get this burning sensation that feels like a hot needle is jammed in my urethra. While it is not as rawly painful, the general discomfort it causes would rival being kicked in the nuts. And it lasts longer--about 10 to 30 minutes to weather it out. Then everything returns to normal. I don't think I've ever had it happen twice in a row (of which I'm thankful).

Since it doesn't happen very often, I have never gone to see anyone about it. I've tried to find info on burning sensations, and they all seem to point to either STD's (I'm a virgin) or prostate problems, which I thought were mainly the concern of older men and certainly not 13-year-old boys. So this problem is truly a mystery to me. From what it _feels_ like, it feels like either not all the semen or urine has been expelled from my penis. But I'm no expert and my measure of what's occuring in there is probably way off.

Second problem:
I masturbate to a degree that might be called excessive. I would say 2-3 times a day on average, and as high as 7 on rare occasions. For a man my age I believe that that is very high.

I think the actual cause itself is psychological. It seems whenever I feel my penis without touching it; whenever there's the slightest twinge of internal sensation, not necessarily pleasurable; then quite often that's all it takes for me to impulsively seek out the opportunity to masturbate.

I have chronic fatigue syndrome, and I'm wondering whether my unusual sexual habits might be effecting or even causing it (since my libido has been like this as long as I remember). Doubtlessly, there has never been any research connecting the two things, and so noone in their right mind would tell me authoratitively that there could be a connection. But nor do I want to be told that there couldn't, on the grounds that it hasn't been proven so. I'm willing to go to any lengths to lose my chronic fatigue (something I've suffered from since I was 12). I once said I would be willing to forfeit my right arm if it would somehow get rid of my fatigue: I meant it.

I have tried to look up info online about excessive masturbation. A lot of repetitive links come up which cite pseudo-science and then try to sell you stuff. And a few references from a GP who says there is no such thing as excessive masturbation, as your body will simply not allow you to orgasm/produce semen if it can't keep up with you. But then, a GP told my mother recently to drink Guiness to help replace her iron content.

I guess the "excessive" part can only conclusively be said to be to my psychological/lifestyle detriment, rather than anything physiological. I'll see what anyone else has to say...
There are many varieties of prostate problems. Most urology
sources indicate less than 10 percent are of bacterial cause.
Of the non-bacterial causes, viral is one, inflammation from
unknown causes another, and there is prostadynia which is
pain without inflammation. To accurately sort it out you
would need to find a urologist who likes to solve problems.
Most don't. But it does sound like a prostate problem.

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