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From looking around the site, which is very useful may i say, i have come to realise there are many posts and threads about this subject, but it would be a great help if i could have a few questions answered. So yeh heres the story..

Basically i was having sex with my girlfriend one day, and she got ontop on me, however, to my shock a couple of seconds later i got a sharp pain as i could feel my foreskin being stretched, and the next thing i know i hear a sort of pop noise and started bleeding quite heavily from my penis. I rushed to the toilet quite scared to see wat happened, and to my suprise i had ripped my frenulum quite badly. From the top i have ripped it vertically down to the bottom, however i think a small bit is still attachted.

That was afew days ago now, and after reading up on other stories on the web of people who have done the same thing, i thought id go for the leave it alone and let it sort it self out method. It has caused little pain, apart from when it first happened, and today i pulled the forskin back on a erection and it went back much further than usual, however there is a small amount of skin attatching my foreskin to the schaft of my penis near the bottom of th torn frendulum. On a closer look, im quite sure that it is not goin to heal back to normal since it is quite a significant tear. Am i wrong? Anyone know if it infact does heal all the way no matter how big the tear? I also now have small amounts of looser torn skin along the torn frenulum and on the inside of my foreskin where the tear occured, will these slowly dissapear or will they stay there from when it ripped?

My main concern is that its going to stay attatched a little, not heal fully, or fully come off.

Any help is greatly apprciated. Thanks :)
Im pretty sure it will not heal that much.

As long as you make sure you cleaned it very well just in case (dont want an infection) and remember to should be fine.

Assuming your not circumsized, since you said "today i pulled the forskin back" just make sure you check it out for a while even if it doesnt hurt. If there are any wet spots under the foreskin you can get some ugly infections/fungus/bacteria. I recently got a type of ringworm on my glans from just a bead of sweat.

Hope this helped :D


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