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Well about 2 weeks ago i had sex with two girls. I wore a condom on both occasions. The only thing i did was massage their vagina before i had intercourse. The thing is that when we finished i took off my condom and grabbed my penis with the hand i used to massage their vagina. but thats the only contact i had with either girl other than that i had the condom on at all times. Right now the foreskin of my penis burns when i pull it back. there is redness on the tip of the foreskin but there is little to no pain if i leave it covering my penis. The burning increases as i pull back the foreskin and it grows to make room for my head. it feels like a sunburn somewhat and the skin actually does get dry and scaly like if i had a sunburn or something. But aside from the foreskin issue the rest of my penis is fine, i can pee or cum normally. The only thing is that it feels like i cut my foreskin or something but theres no blood or anything. So if i could get any feedback on how i should treat this or what it actually is if it has a name.

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