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ive been have ed problems for 2 or 3 years now. i physically can get an erection if i concentrate but its soft and i can bend it at 75 degree angles in any direction, and i feel no stimulation untill i [ejaculate] which feels a little less stimulating than a sneeze, and if i do [ejaculate] it shrinks right back up and i wont be able to get an erection for like 2 days.

sometimes the middle of my penis shrinks and the base and head stay normal like a reverse earthworm apperance.

i also get occasional dull aches mostly in my left testicle and sometimes i get sharp sudden burning pains shooting down the tip.

im positive its a physical problem cause i never get erections in the morning or at night and my penis feels numb most of the time.

also twice i have ejaculated and immediatly felt pressure/ tightening in my testies and then extreme cold shivers go up my spine and i laid under multiple blankets shivering for like 20 minutes so hard my teeth were chattering (ive never heard of anything like this before)

ive already seen 3 urologists and 2 endos that werent any help at all.

ive had my most of my hormones tested and all my bloodwork is turning up fine so i think it might be a nerve or bloodvessel disorder but im honestly clueless on what to do now.

any ideas on where to go from here? thanks

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