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hi im uncircumcised and when i receive oral sex there is severe pain in my glans. it honestly hurts so bad that im unable to enjoy any oral and i usually lose my erection

ive been reading up on different problems with the foreskin and i dont think i have phimosis cause im able to pull my foreskin when im flaccid, but when i have an erection and am receiving oral sex, my foreskin moves back on its own and kind of gets stuck under the rim of the glans where it hurts. im able to move it back after any sort of sexual activity without much difficulty but the foreskin gets a little tender cause i have to stretch it back

i masturbate quite frequently, several times a day sometimes, and i only ever stop when i have to do something else, or im in mixed company, so im thinking it could just be raw but it never hurts when i masturbate

i looked at the glans today and the entire rim is a dark purple colour, and under the rim is a dark red colour like its irritated or raw

the frenulum is also sore when im erect

and while i do clean myself, its probably not as often as i should be cause my penis is sometimes too sore to touch even when im flaccid

im extremely embarassed by this situation, so any help would be greatly appreciated

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