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Hi guys, I'm in a really dire situation and I don't know what to do.. I would truly appreciate if you have any comments or ideas on my situation. Here's whats going on: I am a 22 year old male, uncircumcised, and I have had sex (that is, vaginal intercourse) for about 5 years.

Ever since I started masturbating (I guess around 12 or so) I have never masturbated the way it was described in books etc. where you put the hand around the penis and fully move up and down, imitating intercourse. Instead I would put one hand around the bottom of my penis and keep it there and only move the foreskin up and down the head of the penis with my other hand, never bothering to move my hand all the way up and down. It never "felt right" to do it the full way.

It actually seems to me as if my foreskin is somewhat tight. It doesn't feel good to pull it back all the way. I think it was tighter before I started having sex but then loosened up a bit. Still I never changed the way I masturbate.

However, I have three problems that bother me when having sex.

First of all, it takes me very long to reach orgasm, 30-45 minutes at least. That is true regardless of having intercourse or masturbating. Either way it will take that long.

The second thing is that I can not enjoy "fast" sex at all, it doesn't feel pleasant to me. I can only go moderately to slow, otherwise it won't work for me because I seem to lose the stimulating feelings.

The third thing is that I don't enjoy oral sex at all (receiving it) because it actually hurts me in a weird way. Several girls have tried their luck with no success. Sucking creates a sharp pain that I can't really make out where it comes from. If it is combined with pulling down my foreskin it gets so painful that I have to ask the girl to stop.

Last but not least I have noticed that when my penis is fully erected (completely hard, such as shortly before orgasm) I really can't pull my foreskin back without it hurting. It doesn't seem to hurt though when it is 90% erect. Maybe that's the reason for me taking so long to reach orgasm that my foreskin is basically strangling my penis when it gets closer to orgasm?

Any idea? I know I should go see an urologist but would like to know first if you have any idea what this could be or what I should do.

Thank you,


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