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I am interested in feedback from guys who have had a prostatectomy (either open or robotic). I have read in some books (including Walsh's excellent book), and in discusssion sites (including this one), that following nerve sparing Prostatectomies, that guys can still have an orgasm. It is my understanding that the orgasm will be a "dry orgasm" - since the prostate was removed.

I read in the closed thread (in this message board), that the dry orgasms are not quite the same as pre-op orgasms. I am curious to hear more details.

Specifically what i am wondering is, (even though there is no liquid/semen coming out) do you still have any sense of thrusting in your penis, or muscle contractions ?

I am probably not finding the best way to describe the details of my question. Probably, because i have never (before) tried to analyze the details of what happens in a normal male orgasm.

I remember, before my surgery, the wonderful feeling of climax. It was more than just the semen coming out. It was a feeling of muscles moving, of contractions occurring. As I tried to describe above, i would feel a sense of thrusting.

My surgery was only a month ago, so i realize that it may be weeks, months, or maybe even longer before things reach the maximum post-surgery capabilities.

My wife and i have experimented a few times. As was suggested by the surgeon, i have been taking some Viagra (twice per week). I have not yet had a full erection, but have had a partial erection. Even without a full erection, it does still feel nice to have my wife touch me. Twice, she has stimulated me to the point of orgasm (or something seemed like an orgasm).

During our recent activity, my heart rate, and my breathing intensifies. And, i reached some point (a peak) where my breathing kind of peaks, and then I experience that "post orgasm" type of release (like where you feel relaxed afterwards). It is almost identical to what occurred in sex (prior to surgery) except for the feeling in my penis.

Unfortunately, even though it felt very nice being touched leading up to (what seemed like) an orgasm. At the point of climax, it was almost like there was no (zero) sensation in my penis. There definitely was not thrusting, or muscle contractions, etc. It was weird.

I am wondering if any guys can comment. Anyone who has reached the maximum post-op capabilities. Does what i am describing sound familiar?

Prior to my surgery, but after reading Patrick Walsh's book, my image of how sex (and orgasms) might work - was that they would feel like a regular orgasm - except nothing would come out. What i have experienced so far differs greatly from that.

Can any one share what they have found to be true?

(p.s. I am not trying to turn this thread into some explicit discussion of sex. But i do want to know, with some level of details, what to expect, going forward).


Prostatectomy Feb/2009
Pre-Op PSA 6.2
Pre-Op Percent Free PSA= 13%
Pre-Op Biopsy= 1 sample out of 10, with Gleason 3+4.
Post-Op Pathology = Gleason 4+3.
Post-Op Pathology = Margins clear (negative).
Both nerve bundles spared.

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