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Erection problems.
Apr 2, 2009
Hey Guys,
i've been reading your forums and i feel like [you] might have found another friend.
i am 26/m frm india...names AJ

from your conversations i feel like we are on the same boat.
i have been really really depressed over the past couple of weeks. have even lost my morning erection.
well let me tell you a bit about myself.
my penis bends downwards, no pain however, i could even bring it up but once i leave my penis it bends. peyronies? my doc doesnt think so...need to get a second opinion on [that].

as far as my erection goes. i feel i can get a decent erection (now i say decent cause i've never had intercourse) but i think its quite nice except [that] i ejaculate very fast.
i loose my erections within seconds if i leave it...i need to keep stimulating it in order for it to keep goin.

i tried 50mg viagra last week and it was about 15-20% better. could control my ejaculation and was quite easy to attain the erection.....but if left it would go down again.

tonight i will try 100mg, will let [you] know how [that] went.

as [you] can [see] it quite looks like a venous leakage my uro says its not cause i would not be able to get an erection according to him, he think its jsu performance anxiety. i'd be [the] happiest guy if [that] was [the] case.

i recently had a frenectomy, removal of the frenulum, cause it made me very sensitive and i thought that was [the] underlining cause of my penis beign bent. its not.
but after [the] surgery ive lost my mornign erection...but ive also been very very very depressed so i cant blame [the] surgery as of now.

lets [see] how it goes tonight [with] 100 g....i need to make my gf realize [that this] can work otherwise... [and] i really really really love her.....i think i will go insane if i have to live without her.

how are u guys doin otherwise. i [see you] haven't been here for a while...well i sure i hope to hear from eacd and every one of [you] and maybe have some thoughts on my condition.

i will be trying all the possible options in a next couple of months hoping it will all be ok if not then wellll we'll have to [see]

hope to hear from you guys soon.


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