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I can get an erection and maintain it for however long I want (within reason!) when masturbating, but need to keep 'playing' with it to keep it really hard
I'm 27 and have just had my first sexual experience a few nights ago!
when having sex I was hard enough to have sex but could feel it wasnt as hard as it could be, this was with a condom on and i couldnt feel very much.....but even when I was just 'playing' with her and not getting played with in any way i could feel it wasnt that hard...I expected to be fully erect even being beside a naked girl! and especially when giving her oral etc
when getting a bj etc i was really hard...

the fact i can keep an erection when masturbating, (even though if i stop i will lose the erection quite quickly) makes me think (hope!) that it's down to nerves or whatever but I was pretty relaxed

any ideas/suggestions ?

edit - just thought of something....i smoke dope every day, could that affect any of the above ?

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