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Hi, I'm a 24 year old uncircumcised male and I just recently started being sexually active. However, I think I may have a kind of anorgasmia. So far I haven't orgasmed during vaginal intercourse with my girlfriend. It just doesn't feel very stimulating. She feels warm and wet and slippery (all great), but very loose inside, as if there's not enough pressure on my penis. The first 5-10 seconds feel good, but not great, and then after a little while of thrusting it doesn't really feel stimulating at all. :( But I'm pretty sure it's not her, because she _has_ been with other guys before and hasn't had a problem satisfying them.

I have no problem orgasming when masturbating. And just today I masturbated in bed with her and orgasmed (she wanted to see me do it--she's a little "adventurous" like that), so I don't think it's one of those mental things where the guy can't orgasm with the woman present. Before that I tried masturbating and then switching to intercourse at the last moment, but that didn't work. The sensations just died down without me orgasming.

I don't know whether oral intercourse would make me orgasm; we've done it, but she wasn't trying to make me cum. It did feel more stimulating than vaginal though. Another thing I should mention is that I bought a Fleshlight to practice and try and figure out if I'm doing something wrong, but that hasn't really helped. I can orgasm with it just fine, including with a condom on (all of our sex is with condoms of course), and it feels tighter than her so I'm not sure it's a good comparison. Plus I can move the Fleshlight back and forth much faster than I can thrust my whole body back and forth when I'm with my girlfriend.

One last important point is my history. I used to be unable to retract my foreskin because it was too tight, and after fixing that with exercises I then had a hypersensitive head from it not being exposed enough, so touching it was painful. That went away over time by exposing it and lightly stimulating it each day. But that was all fairly recent, so it's actually only in the last few months that I can even orgasm while masturbating with a condom on. But AFAICT I'm physiologically normal now, except for this issue. Also, my hormone levels are all normal.

As you can probably tell I'm kind of worried about this. It's not an issue for me and my girlfriend right now, but it will definitely become one if things stay this way. Her attitude is that we just need to get used to each other physically, but I'm a bit more of a pessimist. :( Does anyone have a similar experience that they could share? Or is something like this documented? All the info I've read on anorgasmia in men focuses on it being due to lack of emotional intimacy and such, but that's definitely not the case with us. And I don't think it's lack of arousal either.

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