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Whoa, that's a lot of stuff going on there. Some of it doesn't make any sense or is conflicting, but I'll try to make some sense out of it with more questions for you:

- When you pulled his foreskin back, did it feel tight to you? Like it didn't want to go back, like with resistance?

- Where you able to get the foreskin back behind the ridge of the head? Or did it only partly go back?

It sounds like he has a case of at least mild phimosis, possibly major phimosis. Phimosis is a condition of the foreskin that makes it too tight to retract behind the head. It's usually at the tip of the foreskin where there is this tighter elastic like band of skin that is called the frenar band. Sometimes its not elastic enough and is too tight, making it difficult or painful to pull the foreskin back. It can usually be treated with stretching exercises, steroidal creams (prescribed by a doctor), or a dorsal slit (a slight incision made by a doctor in the foreskin to widen it a bit). Really tough cases of phimosis sometimes require circumcision if it doesn't respond to the above treatments.

Also, many guys never learned that they can, or are supposed to pull back their foreskins. It's something that should be taught by parents to their sons, particularly how to retract the foreskin and clean it, before they are teens. But, this doesn't get taught sometimes, especially in countries where circumcision is popular such as in the U.S. So its not that unusual that he's 28 and doesn't know he can pull his foreskin back.

If he had sex before without retracting the foreskin, it was probably painful for him. Masturbating without the foreskin retracting is not a problem, although he'll find a whole new world of pleasure once he is able to retract his foreskin.

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