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Semen during sex
Jul 18, 2009
hello everyone looking for some peace of mind if anyone can help......

LAst night me and my gf were having sex...I am freshly recovered from being circumcised so the sensation is alot different than before. While we were having sex (no condom i know we bought some but just had them at my house :-/..) i felt something drip from my penis but im not sure if i did drip anything or if it was just the sensation?...i kept going and to be safe i have this routine with her that i wont ejaculate until i masturbate for 5-10 minutes after sex , so im never even close to an orgasm while we're doing the actual act and i am inside her....

could i of dripped semen without me knowing and if so would it be enough to get her pregnant even thought i ejaculated and pre cumed on my own safely into a towel?

p.s. i know this sounds terrible but we went through the same thing on wednesday at 6 pm... thursday at 10 p,m she took the first dose of the plan b pill and that morning of the incident (friday, yesterday) i am speaking of she took the second dose at 10 am... could she in any way get pregnant from sex that day if she took the second dose of the plan b pill hours earlier with a small dose of semen?

sorry for the long post and maybe unnecessary worrying me and my gf made a pact now .. no more sex without condoms!! thanks for any replies.

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