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[QUOTE=Sillygrl;4045565]Hello, I have a question about the male orgasm. My bf has explained that when he orgasms it is more of a numb feeling than "good" feeling. I thought that the penis should have a good feeling during orgasm but he describes it as numb. I have asked other men and they tell me that it is an indescribable good feeling. I am worried that he is not feeling an orgasm as good as he should. Does this even make any sense? He also has like no pre-cum, like almost none at all. I have been with other men who have a lot. Could this have something to do with it? Thanks so much.[/QUOTE]

Many men make no precum, so that isn't unusual.

Orgasm is definitely not numb feeling - it feels very good, centered both in the penis-prostate area and more generally throughout your body. There is a feeling of great tension being released, the feeling of the semen moving down the penis, the feeling of bonding with your partner - so many good feelings at once.

I'm not sure why he doesn't feel that. Does he have some religious back ground that would make admitting good feelings from sex difficult for him? Sometimes people deny to themselves what they can't accept.

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