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on the underside of a circumsized penis, is it normal to have sort of scar tissue around where the bottom of the foreskin was removed? i have a brownish ring that goes all the way around but some places on the underside of my penis near the ring the skin is sort of raised while on the top of my penis there is none of this what i believe to be extra scar tissue. also there are two places just below the ring were my vein runs up the penis that are like this in an area that is kind of hard to differentiate if it was where the foreskin was or slightly below. i dont feel that it could be warts (virgin) but of a course a little part of me worries its something abnormal. it just looks like skin to me, not rough and warty. not really like skin tags either tho. hard to describe.

my main question is i just want to know if its normal (for me) of if it something i need to get checked out. i think i have always been like that, tho ive never really investigated my penis all that much.
The circumcision scar sounds normal.
Follow the scar on the underside of your penis, which is not the circumcision scar.
If it goes from the tip of your penis, down your scrotum, across your perineum, and into your anus, it is perfectly normal. It is called the raphe. Each of us starts life in the womb female.
Some become male. The raphe is a souvenir from the vaginal lips growing together, to become a penis.
ok thanks for the terminology. what i am talking about is right where the raphe crosses my circumcision scar. my circumcision scar on the top (dorsal?) of my penis is perfectly smooth. but on the underside there a few not smooth places of i guess just skin. is that normal? there are a few others around just above my circumcision scar too.
It sounds like your circumcision had a hard time healing on the ventral side.
It doesn't sound that unusual. The good side is people don't care about this sort of thing.
They care about who you are first, and how your penis works later on down the list, and how it looks is far down that list.

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