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Hey guys. I've had some form of phimosis for most of my life until about 3 years ago when I started stretching. I made a lot of progress, going from barely having a hole 1cm in diameter to be able to retract it fully while flaccid -- i couldn't get it back while erect though.

Recently started having sex with my girlfriend a few months ago, we're both clean (she's my first partner, she's had two before who were also virgins but she's been tested) and I was unable to keep an erection with a condom on so we've been having unprotected sex. painful the first few times, actually got the foreskin stuck behind the head of my penis (forget the technical term for it) but it has helped losen things up and I rarely experience pain as long as things are decently lubricated.

I suffered from what I assume was balanitis as I had painless red dots covering my penis glans after a day or a red soreness. I made sure to take extra precautions to keep it try though and the situation cleared up and hasn't returned for three months.

This weekend however we had sex three times in 48 hours, and I developed what looks like a little red dot on my glans again -- just one, painless. The next day, when I went to shower my penis head was unusually cold and the tip was whiter than usual, so I went to clean it and I noticed the skin was peeling off, just what seems like a layer and again completely painless. Should this be a cause for concern? I need to go to a doctor sometime for other medical conditions I've had since longer than i can remember (a red pimple looking dot where my glans meet my frenulum, and my frenulum looks like a permanently inflamed and "ballooned" -- that has been that was since I was at least 12).

If anyone has experience with this let me know!

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