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Are you a diabetic by chance (more on this later)?

Orgasm can occur without ejaculation. It is called "Retrograde ejaculation" and is a condition where the bladder's sphincter does not close off properly during ejaculation, so semen sperm fluid flows into the bladder. It is commonly found in prepubescent boys and men who have multiple sclerosis, diabetes, or after some types of prostate surgery. Before you get worried, it can also occur occasionally in men who do not have any serious problems. It is not physically harmful, but it can render the man infertile and he may have a different sensation during ejaculation. This condition is also known as a "dry orgasm or dry climax" because the man may experience orgasm, but no semenal ejaculation fluid is released from the penis. To determine if this has happened, you should collect a sample from your next urination after orgasm. If the urine is cloudy, it probably includes semen.

If the retrograde ejaculation is a side effect of diabetic medication, a doctor can probably switch you to a drug that does not affect ejaculation. If the retrograde ejaculation appears to be related to a mild nerve or muscle problem involving the bladder, then the doctor will treat you with a drug such as pseudoephedrine (sold under many brand names), or imipramine (Tofranil) that improves muscle tone at the bladder entrance. Retrograde ejaculation can also be caused by other medications and health conditions.

I would see your doctor to see what's going on. Best of luck to you.



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