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January 23 - First thing in the morning
Every so often right around the urethra opening and the exposed skin surrounding it I think it's slightly red, brighter than the rest of the head. It doesn't itch or bother me and doesn't really concern me but I wish I knew if that was normal too, I don't ever remember seeing it like that in the past but in all honesty I'm forgetting/having trouble remembering what it looked like before.

February 7
I've been pulling back the foreskin and washing with water only in the morning every day and treating with Canesten Topical Cream (1% Clotrimazole) 2 - 3 times a day and have no experienced any of the itching in the last 3 weeks and a few days. Currently I still have the red/dark pink area on the top of the head of my penis (only visible when pulling
back the foreskin all the way), and I believe some redness around the opening to the urethra. Currently I don't have a regular doctor at the moment and still won't for a few weeks and any clinics I've gone to have been Sexual Health clinics which advised me that the problem is not an STD. I don't ever recall this redness ever happening before since all of this so I've continued to research the problem. Most things I've read seem to point to Yeast, Balanitis, Eczema or Psoriasis while the doctors at the clinics have said it's nothing to worry about or that it was most likely yeast. I've decided to start treating with Cortate (Hydrocortisone Cream USP 0.5%) to see if I would have any sort of improvement with the redness but have only applied it twice (once on Thursday and another today). The package states that it should be applied to the affected area 3 - 4 times a day but does not specify for how long. I'm still concerned but have been less
concerned since seeing the last doctor who was extremely confident that it was not an STD but I still want to know what it is, why or how it happend and of course how to get rid of it and am hoping to have an answer for that very soon. If anyone has any ideas I'd love to hear them.
Hey again VeryCurious

Yeah, I can understand your worry and your concern. When you meet the new doctor, even if it's not for a formal examination, you can at least express your concern and describe the situation. Play it by ear and see how it goes.

Hydrocortisone is a steroid and that's why it should be used very carefully. Canesten is usually ok. I've used Canesten many times for persistent "jock itch" on the inner thigh near my testicles and I've applied it twice a day for periods of up to four weeks at a time. I've also used Hydrozole (which is a combination of hydrocortisone and clotrimazole) for the same reason. It was prescribed by my doctor. The instructions for Hydrozole are: use it [B][I]only[/I][/B] twice a day for no more than seven days, then use a clotrimazole cream (like Canesten) for three to four weeks.

About the red patch on your penis head: it's a mystery. Perhaps your exposed penis came into contact with something without your being aware of it. For example I know a guy who cleaned his shower with some detergent while he was naked and accidentally got some on his glans. It produced an allergic reaction which worried him of course. After he realised what must have happened, he felt more at ease.

It's good to know that you are looking forward to a possible new relationship. My best wishes for its success.

Mate, you will will overcome these health difficulties and your life will get back to normal; that is, if [B][I]anyone's[/I][/B] life can be described as "normal" :)
I'm think the Monistat i bought had applicators. But they were in conjunction with a tube. So I threw out the empty sterile applicators and just used the tube. I just now looked on their corporate site, and they have many versions. A couple of them are empty plastic applicators with a tube. I don't know which local retailers have which product. I bought mine at a Fred Meyer store.

My foreskin doesn't like to stay pulled back either. It will stay put for a good while, but times will vary.

When the redness is gone, the feeling down there is "right". When the redness starts to come back, touch sensations are "not right". They feel harsh and almost painful. Not enough to complain about, but enough for me to notice. It's frustrating. I haven't let it go past the noticable stage. I start treating it whenever it shows up (usually within a few days of me stopping monistat), then it is gone very quickly. I always go a few extra days with monistat to make sure the yeast is gone. But it always comes back. I think that I've got yeast in my urine or in the bloodstream or something.

The clotrimazole was weird for me. It worked great at getting rid of the super inflamed, itchy, painful spots. That happened back in August and it was my first medication. I thought the general redness left behind was just a reaction to the creme. But then it started to itch again. So they gave me diflucan (pill). It didn't work. Then a different doctor (same clinic) gave me more diflucan and a clotrimazole mixed with betamethasone (similar to cortisone). This was all in the span of about 3-4 weeks. The redness was still there after it all. When i did the monistat, it got rid of all the symptoms, including the redness. But it still comes back. I'm glad i can get rid of it, but I want a permanent solution. When work slows down, I'm going to try an anti-candida diet.

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