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I am writing this with the hope of giving anyone with severe ED some hope. I am 64 and have had severe ED for 8 years.
I had an AMS 700 Implanted on 2/25/2010. I waited what I consider too long to make this decision. In May of 1997 had a Radical Postectomy. 5 years later Cancer returned and I had radiation. Before the radiation I had some Ed but still was able to have intercourse. After radiation I lost my erection completely. I tried every drug known to man. I tried the vacuum pump and Trimix Injections. Drugs had no effect at all, the pump would get me hard but the ring never sustained erection for very long. Tried smaller and smaller rings and still no difference. Also,with the vacuum device my wife said my penis was cold. Over the last year I used Trimix injections with moderate success. After adjusting the dosage I would get a decent erection but it never lasted more than a few minutes. Sex was always an injection followed by fast intercourse. I never lasted long enough to bring my wife or myself to orgasm. We both ended up using a viabrator on each other. Finally I had enough and went to see a surgeon.
So far so good. I had the surgery at 7 am and was home by noon. Pain and swelling have been moderate. After 10 days I went back to the doctor and he instructed me on how to inflate and deflate. He has me pulling the pump down and inflating and deflating several times a day. The first time he inflated it there was much discomfort but now the inflating process is much smoother.
I only have to 2 issues now. 1) When inflated the end of the right cylinder presses against the skin and causes pain and irritation. When deflated it is hard to get my penis in a position that doesn't rub against my under ware. I know this will subside with time. 2) I want to use this new toy badly but know I must wait for a few more weeks. I keep telling myself to be patient.
I have cheated slightly and attempted to have an orgasm with oral sex. My wife if very willing but her mouth will not last long enough. I have had her stroke me and I have attempted to gently stroke myself. Feels good but no orgasm yet. Patience. It's like craving a food you haven't had for a long time. I just want and orgasm. Patience.

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