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If you're going to pull your foreskin back to it's normal position after the condom is on then what is the point in retracting it in the first place?
If you don't retract, the condom goes over the outside of the foreskin. The foreskin doesn't retract during sex. You miss the stimulation of movement on the inner foreskin, the frenulum, and the head. You get only the stimulation of the outer foreskin, and shaft, which are much less sensitive.
[QUOTE=Fles;4244716]The same is true when I have used a condom.[/QUOTE]

Just about every condom packet says to put the foreskin back to it's normal state after you put the condom on. I don't see how it would stay retracted during sex..
Also, I tried to put on a condom before to see if that lubricant from that would solve my issue, however, I couldn't get it on correctly.

I retracted and rolled the condom on, however, once the condom got past the head it wouldn't go over my foreskin to the base of my shaft. It was instead trying to go inside the foreskin.

Does this just mean that the condom was too small or was I doing something wrong?

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