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Bleeding Penis 8(
Jun 4, 2010
Bleeding after Sounding
Okay... so this may sound... er... look, a bit odd... and I'll try to make it as little graphic as possible. But... So I put things in my penis and play with them, cause that's how I roll (sounding)... <.<; and I was "Playing" with my Nintendo DS stiylus (not the DS itself) a little too quickly I think and I hit something that stopped it suddenly just at the bottom of the head (inside) and quickly removed it. I didn't feel anything except for the startling stop... and still don't (like 30mins later) but then I saw a bit of blood come out. I've been staying extremely calm given the situation... What do I do now?

I don't know where I should put this information, so I'll put it right here, I'm circumsized... >.>

I read somewhere else on this site about someone ripping his frimulum from being too dry and that would take about a month or two to heal...
Though no one seemed to answer the poor man's question about weather or not he should see a doctor :(

by the way the blood seems to have stopped now >.> eh... I hope that's a a good thing and doesn't mean it's going the other way. or something <.<; Iven been pointing it down since I noticed it to begin with. :\

PS the head is alittle cold too... the shaft is warm though... :( not enough blood flow? I hope not xP, I can press on it so it turns white (sorta) then it refills red (almost fully >.> :(, that means bloodflow right? - The tip has warmed up to I guess slightly less than average temperature, but it's warmed up ^^

Keeping it under blankets to keep warm and hopefully stimulate just a little bloodflow.

Now what do I do if I need to use the bathroom xP anything sopecial?

Kindof a serious problem... no replies??

Using the bathroom seems fine, and I got an erection just now sorta without thinking about it, quickly stopped though and thought of putting laundry away x3 no blood though.

Did it really just heal the cut inside in about a half hour, not even discolor my urine the following morning, and heal enough for an erection to be possible in just 24 hours or so???

Not that I'm going to do anything, just in case, I guess I'll give it a month or so... or as long as I can handle... heh <.<;

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