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I have have some redness on the head of my penis that I am very concerned about. It resembles a rash more than anything and the red areas are not raised, and do not itch or anything. When it first appeared in late march it looked almost like a scar, the skin had a satin like sheen in the area. After a couple weeks the skin on the red area became very dry and peeled. Now 2 or 3 months later it is still there! I have compared it to pictures and read the symptoms of the most common std's and it does not look like anything I saw or read about. (thank goodness) My fiance and I do have unprotected sex and have been together going on two years. She has only been with 1 other person and claims to have never had unprotected sex before me and before her it had been years since I had unprotected sex. Please help me I do not have health insurance and need to find out what this is and how to treat it!

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