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Do you notice any pain, itching, redness, odors, or discharges?

If yes to any of these, there are a bunch of possibilities. The head of an uncircumcised penis can be sensitive because the body somewhat treats it as though it is an internal organ. The range of causes can go from an infection all the way down to the soap you are using in the shower. If this happens often and you do not believe it is an infection, try to see if there is a pattern to when it occurs. Are you able to completely pull back the foreskin around the head? If you do not already, you may want to do so when urinating to see if keeping the area dry does not solve the problem. Another question is how you clean under your skin. If you are not cleaning well enough, that could be the cause. If you are cleaning too much, that also could be the cause. Some guys are extremely sensitive to soap on the head of their penis if they are not circumcised. You may want to try reducing the amount of soap to see if that improves the issue.

Make sure you also keep the surrounding area clean and change your underclothes when they are dirty or wet.

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